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You can try Cleeki's unique add-on for IE (compatible with IE 6.0+), called "Select-n-Go". Select-n-Go is an alternative to IE8 Accelerators, only more powerful and convenient. Select any text on your screen, and you can search/share/publish immediately and preview results in the same page. Support Google, YouTube, Maps, Amazon, FaceBook, Digg, Email, Blogger, etc. and you can add your own channels.

The design philosophy of Cleeki is:
1) Minimizing the annoyingness: no change of web page appearance, no unwanted tab switching, no unpleasant popups, etc.
2) Maximizing the efficiency: minimum operations, seamless connection, easy activation/hiding, etc.

Compared with IE8 activities, Select-n-Go provides better experience in that:
1) The preview page is with richer amount of information and interaction
2) You can customize your own search channel easily
3) Edit the keyword freely
4) Works in IE6.0+
5) And more…

Installation Instruction:
1) Close all of your IE windows.
2) Download the setup file and follow the instruction to install the add-on.

Usage Instruction:
Quick instruction:
1) Select some text and a launch button will appear. Click it to launch a channel menu.
2) Or, select some text using your mouse and *HOLD IT* (don't move, and don't release mouse left button) until you see a channel menu.
3) Left click (configurable) a channel icon to preview the result in the same page.
4) Ctrl+left click (configurable) to open the result in a new tab, and the active tab is switched to the new tab.
5) Click the middle button (configurable) to open the result in a new tab, but stay where you are (no tab switching).
6) Shift+ left click (configurable) to open the result in current tab.

Cleeki contains the function to convert any URL text to a hyperlink:
7) Hold the Shift key, and move your mouse over any URL text (without hyper-link) to turn the URL text into a hyper-link, or
8) In case 7) doesn't work, select any text that containing the URL using the method in Step 1) or 2), and select "Go to URL" from the menu to directly open the URL.

Cleeki can also copy pure text (without any format), which is extremely helpful when you want to copy/paste just text content from documents, web pages, or emails. You will never be frustrated at getting rid of any annoying format anymore.


Download Cleeki IE Addon