Highlighted Features  

Cleeki is a novel Windows-based program redefining the way you search. With Cleeki your search experience can be as simple as one click on a keyword you would like to query. You leave the rest to Cleeki, which searches multiple websites automatically, intelligently and simultaneously. Retrieval results are nicely organized and returned to you instantly. Compared with conventional way of searching, Cleeki significantly improves the efficiency in terms of amount of time and input (mouse and keyboard) operations.

Cleeki applies many pioneering concepts and innovative techniques to make this happen. Below are a few selected features of Cleeki:

One-click Search

The following flowchart illustrates how Cleeki simplifies your search compared with the conventional way:
In Cleeki one simple click can do everything for your search: it grabs your interested keyword(s), searches multiple websites immediately, and presents you well organized retrieval results.

Easy Capture of Multiple Keywords

Cleeki allows you to capture keywords in various ways. In addition to one-click capturing, you can capture several words in a row, or even concatenate a number of words from different screen locations to form a multiple keywords query. All of these operations are also customizable to meet your personal preferences. For more information, please refer to "Grab Keywords" in the demo page or "Grabbing keywords" in the help page.

Minimum Operations

Besides one-click search, Cleeki applies many top-notch UI-design techniques to ensure your search can be completed with minimum operations. For instance, double click ALT (configurable) to show/hide search results; move your mouse away from Cleeki window to hide the window automatically; choose a tab to search in a different website instantly. For more information, please see the demo and help pages.

Parallel Search

Once a keyword is grabbed, Cleeki can submit search requests simultaneously to multiple targeted websites. This boosts search efficiency significantly. Refer to Submitting Search for more information.

Streaming Search

You don't have to wait until all queries return before reading results. Cleeki has a unique feature of streaming search that enables you to read returned results immediately while waiting for other pending queries. This is similar to your experience of online video streaming: you can enjoy video content with the video file being downloaded.

Ubiquitous Search

Cleeki is capable of capturing keywords from anywhere on your screen, in virtually any applications. Rather than being limited to web browsers, your search experience is extended to your whole desktop.

Essential Content Discovery with PageDNA

Every webpage has a gene from its source website. Armed with our pioneering PageDNA technique, Cleeki can intelligently identify most essential parts of a webpage by decoding its gene, therefore presenting the webpage in a way precisely you are looking for.

Well Organized Search Results

Cleeki is not only a reliable reader, but also a smart organizer. In Cleeki, the search results from different websites are grouped into different tabs for easy switching, and the results in one tab can be viewed hierarchically, i.e., from an abstract to a short description to the whole article.

Your On-hand Wikipedia Client

Cleeki is especially fine-tuned for Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia. Wikipedia's over two million articles are never this close to you with a little help from Cleeki.


Freedom is not free. But Cleeki is!

100% Compatible with Windows Vista/7 and Internet Explorer 7/8

The latest Microsoft Windows Vista/7 and Internet Explorer 7/8 both have enhanced security features protecting your system. Meanwhile such security features may cause the well-known compatibility issues for third-party software. Cleeki is completely compatible with the security requirement of Vista/7 and IE7/8. You don't need to sacrifice any system security for using Cleeki.

Refer to Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 for more information.

No Spyware
Cleeki contains no spyware. It neither installs any tracking software, nor gathers information on your system without your knowledge. Cleeki does not "spy" on other programs you run or websites you visit. Cleeki does not come bundled with any third party software.

When search is as simple as one click, acquiring knowledge from the Internet becomes a breeze in the air. Learning assisted by Cleeki can also be full of fun. Can't wait? Just click here to try Cleeki out !